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5 Things About Dr. Sella

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

  • I am 100% Asian. I am a proud Filipina. This blog is written mainly with the Asian skin type in mind. I noticed that while there are a lot of blogs about skin care and beauty products, very few cater to Asian skin. Skin products may have different results depending on your skin type and color.

  • I feel the need to write as my outlet. I also have this passion to teach. This blog is the perfect venue for me to do both. I write this blog with the purpose of disseminating information about skin care products but I leave the decision to the readers to choose which brand to use.

  • Yes, skin is my expertise! I am a dermatologist trained both in the Philippines and in the USA. I am a certified dermatologist under the only accredited dermatology society in the Philippines. I am also a pediatric dermatologist trained in Northwestern University, Chicago. I have my own private practice in Manila, Philippines.

  • I have always been interested with skin care products. I love trying them on! However, as a dermatologist I have a responsibility to study the active ingredients and know how they work on your skin. Having said this, one topic on this blog will take me at a minimum 2 weeks but mostly 4 weeks for me to research on it and try the product for myself.

  • I am a mother of 3. I do homeschool to my kids. In my spare time, I love to sleep, read and watch idol drama.


  • All medical posts you see in my blog do not replace medical advice from your doctor. Remember though I am a licensed dermatologist, I am not seeing you in person. I recommend you to be seen by your dermatologist (accredited dermatologist #PDSdermauthority) for serious skin diseases.

  • All products reviewed and promoted are purchased and selected by me. I do not endorse any specific brand. Likewise, I do not review a specific brand. What I review is the active ingredient of a product. But should you wish to know more about a certain product you can give a comment or Email at

  • Opinions on the blog reflect my individual thoughts and are not in any way reflective or associated with my institution of training or society of affiliation.

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